Ripples along!

Every simple, incomplex action creates ripples, ripples that undeniably affects others, words- a misfortunate slip of tongue or a mischief, a little wink, a playful dare, a sneak here and a peek there, unabashedly nipping off the hopeful thread. Interdependence, interconnectivity, survival and selection lurking within the books of Science, are not simple terms as they seem to be or rather taught to be, dictating life and lessons to be learnt of! Well, that being said off, while sailing in a utter rush to reach the coast, be leery of the ripple along!

Transforming Thoughts into Words!

“Omg! you look gorgeous!- ah! that’s too much to write..lets just hit the heart key, it will convey it all. But let’s pause for a moment and consider does it really convey what you wanted to say? will it have the same impact as your personal comment would? Neither will it get you a tagged comment saying Thank you..

Apart from facebook, in our daily lives, we skip lots of words of appreciation and buttering; which we think we should have said or spoken but do not speak due to following reasons-

  • It would be an awkward situation to handle
  •  I would be misinterpreted (especially in case if you are a guy)
  •  Who does that in today’s times?
  •  Let it go! it would not make such a difference.

But what if it creates a better situation, better understanding? and you are not misinterpreted and considered as frank or bold person? And don’t you want to be a different person in this huge world? and what if it makes a difference…

Little compliments, words of appreciation, good thoughts and anticipation of efforts never harm anybody, it only boosts up morale, secondly your thoughts will turn into actions and will not just roam around , occupying spaces in your head.

So next time, you see someone looking pretty, say it! next time you see an oldie working out, appreciate him! Thank your teachers and parents even if these days its not so cool! Touch the feet of your elders and bow in respect even it’s uncommon in your peers.. and take time to gratify the glorious ; if you know its worth it!


When you’ll transform your thoughts into your words, World around you will involuntarily Transform!

P.S. This is how I transform my thoughts into words, hope you like it 🙂

Rakshabandhan 2016: 1.44 a.m., 18 August (Thursday)

The day will begin with all chaos and noise & getting perfectly dressed and end as it generally ends with happiness gleaming, not because of the thread on your wrist but because of the all the presents and money received. But in these times where we live in secured environments of our homes and are much busy with the hustle bustle of our daily lives that notion of knot of protection seems absurd; I wonder why this occasion bothers us so much? Why are we so excited to buy the perfect Rakhis? Why we want to gift a perfect present to her? Is it all about just the rituals and roots or there is something much more to it? Or in the 21st century we are still stuck with the impression of thread of protection? I am not against the very idea of the occasion but what else apart from it.

This Rakshabandhan let us tie the thread—

  • To remind ourselves that we are not alone in this huge world, there will always be someone to spy on all our activities and to be on our head with never ending problems
  • To cherish beautiful times spent together, by looking at perfectly photo bombed pictures or half head photos.
  • To receive lots of sweets and cash of course, only to have them eaten within a week if not secured safely and to lend loans for lifetime.
  • To feel the aura of occasion, by mocked at how ugly you look in that newly brought dress
  • To celebrate rich culture, and reminded how you have been picked up from a bin outside the hospital.

Apart from these reasons, we tie the threads to say to our siblings how special they are to us, how much we love them and how different our lives would be without them! It would have been pretty hard to express such feelings if this festival was not celebrated.

We tie the band on wrist so that we can say without a doubt, “don’t you mess with me or he/she will beat you up!” and to cherish the sacred bond so far away from feign.

This Rakshabandhan let us express all we want to! The Love as well as the hidden Respect 😉

Book review : Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Amazingly written, the way that the author describes the pain and life of a quadriplegic person is just so perfect! Reading the novel gives you an insight of life a disabled person. The book depicts how time can make two completely opposite people come together.

The novel will fill you with the zeal to life your life to the fullest and never settle for less. It will make you weep, smile, laugh and cry. Flip through the pages with tissue box by your side.

However few lines of the main character Will contradict with his own decisions in the end, he himself advises the lady love Lou to fulfill her duty of living life fully, as you only get one life but is unable to standby his own words (sorry for spoilers).



 Good read if you love Romance!Capture