Rakshabandhan 2016: 1.44 a.m., 18 August (Thursday)

The day will begin with all chaos and noise & getting perfectly dressed and end as it generally ends with happiness gleaming, not because of the thread on your wrist but because of the all the presents and money received. But in these times where we live in secured environments of our homes and are much busy with the hustle bustle of our daily lives that notion of knot of protection seems absurd; I wonder why this occasion bothers us so much? Why are we so excited to buy the perfect Rakhis? Why we want to gift a perfect present to her? Is it all about just the rituals and roots or there is something much more to it? Or in the 21st century we are still stuck with the impression of thread of protection? I am not against the very idea of the occasion but what else apart from it.

This Rakshabandhan let us tie the thread—

  • To remind ourselves that we are not alone in this huge world, there will always be someone to spy on all our activities and to be on our head with never ending problems
  • To cherish beautiful times spent together, by looking at perfectly photo bombed pictures or half head photos.
  • To receive lots of sweets and cash of course, only to have them eaten within a week if not secured safely and to lend loans for lifetime.
  • To feel the aura of occasion, by mocked at how ugly you look in that newly brought dress
  • To celebrate rich culture, and reminded how you have been picked up from a bin outside the hospital.

Apart from these reasons, we tie the threads to say to our siblings how special they are to us, how much we love them and how different our lives would be without them! It would have been pretty hard to express such feelings if this festival was not celebrated.

We tie the band on wrist so that we can say without a doubt, “don’t you mess with me or he/she will beat you up!” and to cherish the sacred bond so far away from feign.

This Rakshabandhan let us express all we want to! The Love as well as the hidden Respect 😉

Letter to the Girl who Feels Lost

Dear Lost Girl,

You are not alone in this world, there are many many others like you, finding their path, looking for the road to walk on. I know you are scared of what might happen if you don’t choose one sooner, but who can judge when it would be too late, you are never too old for anything.

You are travelling on the road not often travelled; painting the masterpiece the world still imagines of,  It’s okay if you flip out or fluctuate; there are so many things to try on, and may be while doing so might just hold one forever.

But while you are lost, just don’t forget to live enough. And let not this harsh world change you, their criticism should be your strength, their rebukes should be your smile and all this while you’ll grow and learn.

There are times when you feel you are not good enough for anything, but have a look at the bright side may be that anything is not good enough for you. There are times when you feel like that you are not standing up to the expectations of others, but just remember all  those who really care just want you to be happy, and while the rest should not bother you at all.

There are times when you feel people around you are flying rockets while you are still struck on a bicycle, but isn’t each one of a different indivual, so accept your journey and create most out of it every day; every little thing you are blessed to enjoy. Just grab all the good things this day has for you to offer.

The other side looks greener I know, but aren’t green paths, a consequence of lots of rain .Have faith in all of your efforts. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take care of yourself; feed your mind as well as your soul.

Someday somewhere you’ll find yourself. Someday you will be you. So Dear Lost Girl, Lets be a little lost and live life!

Book review : Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Amazingly written, the way that the author describes the pain and life of a quadriplegic person is just so perfect! Reading the novel gives you an insight of life a disabled person. The book depicts how time can make two completely opposite people come together.

The novel will fill you with the zeal to life your life to the fullest and never settle for less. It will make you weep, smile, laugh and cry. Flip through the pages with tissue box by your side.

However few lines of the main character Will contradict with his own decisions in the end, he himself advises the lady love Lou to fulfill her duty of living life fully, as you only get one life but is unable to standby his own words (sorry for spoilers).



 Good read if you love Romance!Capture

To the sister who is getting married..

You’ll be living under different roof, just a few months from now
The time you got engaged it felt like a lot of time is still there to be spent together,
But as the days pass by and you’re getting closer to your D-day,
I feel like I am loosing a hold on time and we could just postpone it a bit more.

You have been there since the day I was born, and till time now I have been
watched upon by you with guarded eyes. Life without being questioned for my tiniest actions
and without being constantly reminded having a second mother would be so strange.

Nobody to call me an extra unwanted addition to the family, nobody to fight over the TV remote,
nobody to assure that I am looking pretty in that new dress, and help with shopping dilemmas.
Nobody to chat chit about boys, and tease me about the new friend I just made
And other hundreds of fights, nicknames and secrets that would remain only with us all our lives.

Not finding you at home each day after work and knowing you’ll not be sharing the bed anymore
Would be such an unfamiliar feeling. However, it seems good that I could decorate the room
As I wish and would not be asked to pick up my things now and then, and also the car would be
My luxury forever. But Sharing the title of a sister with your new sister in law gives an unwanted jealousy And giving you to another family, makes me think that your to be husband could also stay with us and provokes me to break the rituals.

It is so weird how all our childhood we kept complaining about each other’s presence, and now when
Time has come to bid adieu a fainted smile appears with an inexplicable pain in the heart. I know I don’t show such emotions quite often, being the introvert one but letting you go causes an agitation to stop you.

I have been your baby sister all this while, to take care me was your unassigned responsibility which you fulfilled so well that now I fear would not live up to your expectations and all the things that I have learnt from you. I hate your priorities have changed due to changes in your life, and you share your love with so many other new people. But I assure myself that you’ll love me the same way like you do now by keep asking the same questions again and again

I know it would be hard and this day has to come sometime soon, but seeing your eyes glitter with his love and your smile widening while you look at him, and most importantly the way he takes care of you,
Gets me convinced you’ll be fine in your new place and your new world. I wish you just not forget the little world that would significantly lonelier in your absence and it would be much more blessed and happy there.

I know I am not the one who says all such stuff but for a while bear such flow of emotions as letting you go is like letting go a part of me, and this is to remind you that I love you a lot and a lot, and nobody can ever replace you.

P.S. You’ll always be fatter than me and I’ll never stop teasing you for that.
Your little sister