Transforming Thoughts into Words!

“Omg! you look gorgeous!- ah! that’s too much to write..lets just hit the heart key, it will convey it all. But let’s pause for a moment and consider does it really convey what you wanted to say? will it have the same impact as your personal comment would? Neither will it get you a tagged comment saying Thank you..

Apart from facebook, in our daily lives, we skip lots of words of appreciation and buttering; which we think we should have said or spoken but do not speak due to following reasons-

  • It would be an awkward situation to handle
  •  I would be misinterpreted (especially in case if you are a guy)
  •  Who does that in today’s times?
  •  Let it go! it would not make such a difference.

But what if it creates a better situation, better understanding? and you are not misinterpreted and considered as frank or bold person? And don’t you want to be a different person in this huge world? and what if it makes a difference…

Little compliments, words of appreciation, good thoughts and anticipation of efforts never harm anybody, it only boosts up morale, secondly your thoughts will turn into actions and will not just roam around , occupying spaces in your head.

So next time, you see someone looking pretty, say it! next time you see an oldie working out, appreciate him! Thank your teachers and parents even if these days its not so cool! Touch the feet of your elders and bow in respect even it’s uncommon in your peers.. and take time to gratify the glorious ; if you know its worth it!


When you’ll transform your thoughts into your words, World around you will involuntarily Transform!

P.S. This is how I transform my thoughts into words, hope you like it 🙂

Without Buzz, Beep and Trings!

I couldn’t imagine myself spending my days without you, loosing the sight of you gave me mini heart attacks, finding yourself next to me in the morning felt complete bliss… Capturing moments together purely indispensable.

As I have passed a few days without you being present in the scenario, My Precious Communicator, Link to social world, Darling Cellphone, Life is not so difficult babe.


Things that happened to me without my phone:

  • Increase in observation skills : I started observing things much more for those days, the things which were far off my interest, things I had crossed several times but didn’t receive my precious look, useful as well as useless things. My observation skills were now not limited to sudden vibrations and screen light.
  • Speed of walking: Try walking on without texting, talking over phone, tweeting or listening to music, and I’m sure you’ll certainly qualify for Olympic walks. The safest organ is your head  which doesn’t have to bear sudden bangs.
  • Dislodging creativity: without those constant app reminders and alerts, as well as no pokemon go to release your energy and time, you realise you aren’t a piece of shit,  you certainly possess some creativity and talent. thank goodness! You and I can do something , that too useful. :p
  • Cleanliness surrounds you from all side : clean room, clean shelves, clean cupboards, clean kitchen, clean home, clean you, clean me, clear her, clean this , clean that becomes motto of your life, undeniably your mom is the happiest one.
  • Attention to other devices : Your other remotely used devices get much needed attention, and noticeably you notice they are not so bad. also the books long kept in reading list get read.

The conclusion of sharing my situation with you is to make you understand from my experience that life exists outside of our mobile screens. to all those who think it is quite impossible to spend your day without your phone, honestly its not that difficult. So guys for a while lets keep our phone aside and recreate and relive.

PS. give your life a little life by living!