Hold on

A parallel universe came & crashed your little world,

sacking your warmth, smashing the comfort,

leaving you wondering of life and next,

succumbing to the storm & snow,

as you thought of letting go,

rays of light hit you hard,

only to ring the bells of self,

in that pure moment, you celebrate while you sob,

wherefore in the storms hold on tight,

just like you did,

Before you were born.

In the middle of nowhere!

Between a yes and a no,

there exists a maybe,

Between constant motivation and procrastination

there exists an ambition,

in the middle of several constant denials and an immediate acceptance,

destiny shows its cards,

in the journey to the success through a thousand failures, experience finds its way,

amid morality and selfishness,

deep driven desires rise,

between the reaction and an action, abides karma,

there between the patience and saturation,

exists the will,

somewhere between the longings and meetings, expectations breathe,

between love and friendship,

there exists a little less and a lot more,

between the peace and chaos,

there somewhere we all find our perfect beat

I guess there in between is exactly where life exists!

And thats why i know there in between I’ll find me!

Ripples along!

Every simple, incomplex action creates ripples, ripples that undeniably affects others, words- a misfortunate slip of tongue or a mischief, a little wink, a playful dare, a sneak here and a peek there, unabashedly nipping off the hopeful thread. Interdependence, interconnectivity, survival and selection lurking within the books of Science, are not simple terms as they seem to be or rather taught to be, dictating life and lessons to be learnt of! Well, that being said off, while sailing in a utter rush to reach the coast, be leery of the ripple along!

Someday she’ll realize :)

P.S. To all those people who give a lot and receive a little, who have a firm believe in themselves even if this world doesn’t, hopefully these verses touch a few strings and make that faith stronger..


She had so much love to give,
little did she keep for herself,
only if she knew all her scars and sufferings
healed with the red portion itself..

She saw beauty beyond vision
only if she saw mirror once again,
she would have noticed the glitters
and broken off her chain..

She found peace even in raging noises,
and in the quietest of zone,
I wonder if she knew,
tranquility was her own tone…

She helped each one in disdain,
finding joy in their smile,
a helping hand towards her own self
today, tomorrow, each day for a while..

Unaware of the path to take, the footsteps to follow
she is just walking and walking, somewhere something would stuck and make her stop,
fearlessly she conquers, ignoring the taunts and comments, and unapologetic voices
of the crowd, but someday she’ll realize, someday something will stuck and make her stop..
till then She had so much love to give,
little did she keep for herself,
only if she knew all her scars and sufferings
healed with the red portion itself..

Is that we all wish for!

No I don’t crave for perfection, what i crave is for improvement, each day just much more better than yesterday, a lot of improvement, moving slowly yet steadily.

Not really i fancy plently people around, what i fancy is quite a few, with all strings attached, crazy yet with a sense of calm, growing and walking all along the path.

Neither i desire for line of lovers clinged to the beauty my flesh flashes, i desire a lover of my soul and scars, who isn’t afraid if my flesh falls, caressing by , on dark nights & bright sunshines.

A lavish life is not my wish, content is what i need, no regrets at the end, happy faces reflecting joy, inspired souls, thankful hearts by the grave, few trickling tears hoping to see me again.

And all through the lines i realised, photographs,family, friends, drives and love nights is all that matter, a million little things, little moments and little assurance of love- Little things? may be arent so little.