Is that we all wish for!

No I don’t crave for perfection, what i crave is for improvement, each day just much more better than yesterday, a lot of improvement, moving slowly yet steadily.

Not really i fancy plently people around, what i fancy is quite a few, with all strings attached, crazy yet with a sense of calm, growing and walking all along the path.

Neither i desire for line of lovers clinged to the beauty my flesh flashes, i desire a lover of my soul and scars, who isn’t afraid if my flesh falls, caressing by , on dark nights & bright sunshines.

A lavish life is not my wish, content is what i need, no regrets at the end, happy faces reflecting joy, inspired souls, thankful hearts by the grave, few trickling tears hoping to see me again.

And all through the lines i realised, photographs,family, friends, drives and love nights is all that matter, a million little things, little moments and little assurance of love- Little things? may be arent so little.


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