Bliss in Disguise

 Dedicated to: “People who have reached heights because of their hardwork and to the people who are on their path. hopefully it inspires all young buds turning to beautiful flowers.”

As I stand here at the top,

with head high and feet grounded, where people could only dream of, the falls and advances on deck they led…

What I was and what I am, is not a miracle but a transformation, clogged with experiences, a will to compass the destination…

The hardships and nuisance at the tender age, the torment and torture, the hurt and insult, the bruises and damange suffered to grow, ripened me to the core..

The whips and scorns of beastly boss,  the rebuking of the superiors, rising up before sunrise,  exterting through dark hours,  burning my eyes..

All the wounds of either heat or ice,  entire progression was bliss in disguise, recalling yesterdays inflates the heart with pride,  a zero at the front rolled thousands behind..

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